LocalGovCamp | Hitting the Mark With The 15 Principles of Good Service Design: NERF EDITION.

Ben Jones
20 October 2023
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Updated: 23 October 2023

Session led by:

Chad Duggan, Founder & MD, bookinglab.

Workshop overview:

As a group, we’ll discuss how you can apply Lou Downe’s 15 Principles of Good Service Design to the context of local government.

However, in true LocalGovCamp fashion, this won’t be your typical ‘seminar-style’ session.

We’ll be using props *coughs* nerf guns *coughs* to add an element of fun to the session.

So, the principles we’ll discuss will depend on your aim.

Once selected, we’ll dive into each principle by sharing how our local gov community has successfully incorporated it into various service areas.

We’ll also expand on each principle as a group to encourage cross-council knowledge-sharing.

Example points of discussion might include:

  • Has your council considered this element of service design?
  • What steps did/could you take to implement it?
  • What’s stopping you from delivering this? How could you overcome these blockers?
  • From a resident perspective, what would a successful rollout of this element look like?
  • Can you think of any good/bad examples of this design element? & mor


You’ll get an actionable 15-point checklist to help you design services that work.* Each point will be fleshed out with the tips & anecdotes shared in the session — so you’ll also get practical advice on how to apply these principles from your local gov colleagues.

* All outputs will be sent to attendees post-session.

Save your space:

You can book your place here.

Additional event information:

Event: LocalGovCamp23, hosted by Nick Hill, Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum.

Date: 25/10/23.

Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm.

Location: The Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX.

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