Delivering tailored solutions for bookable services

BookingLab provides personalised solutions that help organisations build better relationships with their consumers. Using cutting-edge technology, we deliver exceptional customer experience when bringing bookable services online.

In addition to everyday bookable services, our digital solutions take the pain out of fast moving services such as booking car parking, shared vehicles and lift sharing services to encourage more sustainable ways of getting from A to B.

Our vision is to relentlessly innovate in our journey to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 


Work from anywhere with JRNI remote appointments

With integrations to major video conferencing providers, JRNI remote appointments delivers a single solution to book and deliver your services virtually.

Our Clients

Booking Experience

Bookings may sound simple, but we recognise just how many factors need to align to get services online. Working with a cloud platform, JRNI, we help implement online booking solutions for all types of organisations and use cases. 

Why work with us?

An Integrated Customer Experience

Our solutions provide an omni-channel experience for all users, making every route to booking easy.

Insightful Solutions

We provide solutions built on open architecture with easy access to data, enabling service managers to further shape their operation.

More Than Just Bookings

We provide a range of added services, including, data integration, geospatial optimisation, data science and software development. 

Agile Development

We work to an agile development methodology, ensuring projects are delivered on time and to your expectations.

Single and Multi-Tenanted Solutions

Enterprise solution offering customer choice to meet environment, scalability and security requirements.

User Centred Design

Each journey is designed with your audience in mind.

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