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We make online booking quick and easy.

Who we are

Hi, we're bookinglab — a team of tech-enthusiasts on a mission to use booking tech to improve access to public services. .

Managing Director
We believe that we can use booking tech to create real change. From day one, we’ve been on a mission to develop solutions that improve access to public services & reduce the cost to serve. 

As self-service becomes the norm, booking tech must work for all users!

We exist to make that happen. We're on a mission to democratise digital public services by delivering quick, easy-to-use booking solutions that are fully accessible.

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What we do

We’ve helped over 60 council departments & 50 healthcare clinics to improve user experience, increase efficiency & cut costs.


Our five why’s

Here are the five reasons we exist:

To make online booking quick, easy, and accessible.

To accelerate the shift to net-zero.

To build relationships by being honest, personable, and straight to the point.

To find simple solutions to complex problems.

To create meaningful change for our clients and their users.

How we work

The work we do is important! We have to get it right. Every. Single. Time. But, that doesn’t stop us from having a little fun – whether it’s catching up with clients or pinging around ideas, we like to keep things casual. It’s how the best work gets done.

What we do

The values we live by

You’ll find our values expressed in everything we do. Whether it’s building a booking solution, developing a new product, or catching up with clients. These values make us, us. Along with our solutions, they separate us from the rest!

The user comes first.

Our solutions must work for everyone! They have to be quick, easy, and accessible.

Straight up.

We’re honest. We keep things simple. We get straight to the point.


We’re relatable – more like an expert friend than a corporate partner.

We find a way.

We push boundaries to deliver transformational value.


We don’t see customers; we seem team members.

Safe and secure.

Our solutions are robust, secure, and reliable: so are we.

Our people

This is our team - a bunch of passionate, forward-thinking techies on a mission to use booking technology to deliver meaningful change.

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