Webinar — "Trash Talk: Unpacking DIY Waste & KCC's HWRC Success Story."

Ben Jones
24 October 2023
Est. Reading: 2 minutes
Updated: 27 October 2023

Join site managers from over 70 HWRCs for a community-led webinar on the 30th of November. 

In this session, we'll unpack the new DIY Waste legislation & discuss Kent County Council's award-nominated HWRC service.

In part one, you'll hear from Hannah Allard, Waste Business Development Manager at Kent County Council, who will share how KCC has: 

  • Generated savings of £150,000 a year 
  • Increased monthly recycling rates by 5%
  • Improved the visitor & staff experience 
  • Reduced its environmental impact & much more 

Hannah will also share how KCC will manage the change in DIY Waste legislation. 

In part two, we'll showcase the DIY Waste Module we've developed with stakeholders from over 70 HWRCs to:

  • Seamlessly manage the legislation change 
  • Reduce service misuse 
  • Recoup losses through cost reductions
  • Improve recycling rates &
  • Deliver a better on-site experience 

In part three, we'll have an open discussion on: 

  • What the new legislation means for local authorities 
  • How the community plans to deal with the changes 
  • Potential ways to regulate & better manage waste types 
  • How other authorities will offset the loss in revenue 
  • Potential blockers to delivering efficient solutions & more

This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn, share ideas & connect with others working in the Recycling & Waste Management sector.

Note: we have pencilled in 90 minutes to allow for an in-depth discussion on all things DIY Waste. However, we will end the session early if we have covered all bases before that. 

Webinar Info:

Date: 30/11/23

Time: 11:00am

Duration: 60-90 mins (depending on the duration of the open discussion)

Book your spot here: https://tinyurl.com/46p7v2de

Learn more about our HWRC Booking Service.

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