In short, it depends. It could take 2 or 3 hours or 4 to 8 weeks. Factors include the complexity of the design, process, scale, data migration, and module customisation. However, we pride ourselves on making your digital transformation quick and easy. It's what we do. So, rest assured, we’ll get you online, on time, on budget.

We work with local and central government, healthcare providers, large private sector firms, and educational institutions to deliver booking systems for all types of appointments, events, and business travel. So, if you operate in these sectors and require a scalable booking system, we’ll be able to help. Contact us today and find out if we're the right fit for you.
We have analysed more than 20 million bookings to develop software that helps you improve the user experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Building a scalable booking system is a long, complex, and expensive process – believe us, we know.

Without a huge amount of time and resource – the scalability, flexibility, and functionality of the booking solutions we provide could not be replicated. So, before you consider developing your own booking system, talk to us and see if we can help.
In short, a lot. The upshot is: enterprise booking systems are proven at scale, extremely functional and built for robustness.

Here are a few differences:

· Enterprise-grade booking systems are built to handle high volumes of complex multi-site, multi-service, multi-resource bookings with minimal effort. Generic booking apps struggle to cope with such complexity.

· An enterprise-grade booking system will give you complete control over your service. You can easily add or remove stages of the booking process, edit your booking questions, alter your service offerings, and add or remove: locations, services, resources, and more. Generic booking apps don’t have this level of functionality.

· Enterprise-grade booking systems are built to meet the security and accessibility needs of large organisations. Most generic booking apps are not!

· An enterprise-grade booking system will integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise app, payments gateways, marketing systems, and more.

· With an enterprise-grade booking system, you'll be able to deliver a consistent user experience. You can incorporate all of your brand elements, use your custom domain, personalise and send branded communications, and more. Many generic booking apps don’t offer this level of customisation and often require users to leave your site, resulting in a fragmented user journey.

This is just a snippet of what enterprise-grade solutions can provide. Drop us a message, and we’ll explain the differences in more detail.
Of course! We’re happy to demonstrate the booking system to you for free to make sure it’s what you need. Just book a demo here, and we’ll be in touch.
As part of our proposal, we include a ‘train the trainer’ style workshop for system admins to help them get the most out of your system. We also provide a user guide along with intuitive video tutorials to show how to use the system at all access levels. However, training is not a requirement. The system is easy to use, so if you’re confident enough to just crack on, go for it!
No problem at all. We’ve delivered countless multi-channel booking solutions. Your staff can manually input bookings into the system in less than 30 seconds. We’ll also monitor bookings by channel, so you can better understand how customers use your service and drive your digital transformation goals.
Yes, your booking system will use RESTful APIs, so you’ll be able to easily sync your appointments with personal calendar apps like Google, Outlook, iCal, and more.
Yes, there are 4 permission levels:

1. Owner – the system owner who has complete control and can set system access levels.

2. Admin level – these users can control site availability, service rules, and customise booking rules

3. User-level – these users can't change any rules. They can manage and view bookings.

4. Call centre user-level – these users can use the core booking lookup function and create (or amend) bookings, but nothing else.
Yes, our booking solution provides a concierge-style check-in screen for managing attendance. This will enable users (receptionists or meet and greet staff) to mark the patient as arrived with an associated timestamp for reporting.
Yes, your booking system will integrate seamlessly with your existing website. It will be fully branded, and it will use your custom domain and your own URL. So, you can deliver a consistent user experience.
Yes, your entire booking solution (both front and back-end) will be fully accessible on your mobile, tablet and desktop. You’ll just need an internet connection.
Yes, in 60 seconds, your customers will be able to make a booking. In 20 seconds, they’ll be able to cancel, reschedule, or amend that booking. They’ll also receive automated email and SMS messages providing them with all the information they’ll need.
Yes, you'll have control over a tech stack that uses RESTful APIs. So, your booking solution will connect seamlessly with your existing payment gateways, video platforms, enterprise apps, marketing tools, and more.
Yes, just let us know what you’re after and we’ll come back to you with a proposal (no strings attached).
Your booking system will integrate with a number of popular payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, SagePay, Civica, HeyCentric, and more. Payment can also be made by debit or credit card.
You’ll get a booking system that makes it quick and easy to manage a high volume of bookings. With a simple drag-and-drop interface and a configurable real-time calendar view, your staff can easily manage multiple appointment types, locations, services, resources, and more. All in one place, in 30 seconds.

What’s more, by automating time-consuming tasks like making bookings, sending communications, logging customer information, and more, you can reduce the workload of your staff.
In 60 seconds, your customers will be able to make a booking. In 20 seconds, they’ll be able to cancel, reschedule or amend that booking. They’ll also receive automated email and SMS messages providing them with all the information they’ll need.
Yes, you’ll get access to a customised metrics dashboard and out-of-the-box reports that help you track appointment durations, wait times, cancelled bookings, staff utilisation, and more. The best part? The data is easy to understand and requires no configuration.
With this booking system you will:

· Improve the user experience for all users

· Increase efficiency

· Save money

· Easily manage a high volume of bookings across multiple sites and services

· Automate time-consuming tasks and reduce staff workloads

· Reduce your carbon footprint

· Improve resource allocation

· Deliver a fully accessible, fully secure booking experience

· Better manage capacity

· Reduce no-shows

· Improve communication

· Better understand your service and customers.
Our team of techies are on-hand to support you from 8.30am – 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. You can submit support requests here, and your dedicated account manager will help guide you through the process.

Due to our partnership with JRNI, you’ll also get access to their Knowledge Base, allowing you to troubleshoot 24/7/365. You’ll also get access to written and video tutorials and a Help Page to help you quickly resolve any issues.
For system critical events which we determine as P1 support, our software partner (JRNI) provide 24/7/365 support.​ This does not include any bookinglab hosted applications as bookinglab operate a Mon-Friday support desk excluding UK bank holidays.
We issue all of our clients with a Service Level Agreement. If you’d like to see this in advance, just drop us a message. You can also check out our Master Subscription Agreement.​
Our booking service will be available 99.95% of the time — excluding downtime caused by scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance or a force majeure event. This is further defined in our Master Subscription Agreement.​
JRNI and bookinglab operate the following backups for all customers:​

Hourly: Additional hourly data backups are transferred to an external data storage service to allow the recovery of service if a disruption of services at the primary data centre prevents automated recovery. Hourly backups are available for the last 14 days.​

Daily: Daily backups, typically taken at midnight, are also transferred to an external data storage service. Daily backups are available for the last 60 days.​

In addition, for those customers that choose JRNI’s standard hosting provider, the database servers have a built-in snapshot and recovery process, allowing for the rebuilding of a cloned database server without the need to go direct to backups. Snapshot capabilities are available for the last 8 days.
All of the solutions we deliver comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). They also adhere to ISO27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, NHS IGT/ N3, and PCI DSS standards. All data is hosted in AWS and encrypted with the AES 256 encryption algorithm. When in transit, data is protected under TLS or SSH (AES256) encryption over HTTPS. Anti-virus definitions are updated daily.
All of our booking solutions adhere to the WCAG 2.2 AA
Pricing is split into three components:

1. The Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription - per annum

2. Onboarding services (incl. configuration, training and customisation)

3. Ticketed Support

For bespoke projects, implementation costs are usually split into project milestones. The overall cost of your project will depend on the complexity of the design process, scale, and module customisation. Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll send over a proposal (no strings attached).
We’ve built packages to minimise additional charges. With our off-the-shelf solutions additional charges would be itemised as optional extras, this typically covers product integrations that do not currently exist. Bespoke projects are provided as a fixed based proposal with details scope and deliverables.
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