Overcoming the top 5 challenges faced by HAF Programmes.

Ben Jones
9 February 2024
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Updated: 28 February 2024

Improve the delivery of your HAF Programme.

According to research carried out by Newham Council, these are the top 5 challenges faced by HAF Programmes across the country:

  1. Admin burdens 
  2. Finding effective ways to publicise the programme  
  3. A high number of no-shows, leading to wasted capacity 
  4. Not enough time to procure providers & mobilise programmes
  5. Sessions not being long enough for families to go to work

You can read Newham's report here. But why not stick around while we explain how we've helped our local government community overcome these issues & improve their HAF Provision?

In short, we've worked with pioneering organisations like West Sussex County Council, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council & Worcestershire County Council to co-create a market-leading HAF Booking Service that:

  • Automates & streamlines admin processes 
  • Provides a GDS-approved process for checking eligibility 
  • Delivers an improved experience for families, staff & providers
  • Enables simple, end-to-end self-service   
  • Automates the mandatory reporting schedule
  • Creates two-way comms channels & more

With this in mind, we want to share how this platform could benefit your council too.

So, here are 4 ways you could use this platform to simplify the day-to-day management of your HAF Programme:

1: To simplify & fairly manage access to activities

You'll be able to manage eligibility workflows, credit allocations & booking limits with:

  • A simple, GDS-approved process for checking eligibility & approving users/accounts
  • An upload feature that simplifies the migration of data on pre-approved accounts & users
  • Booking rules & digitised credit allocations/re-allocations that automate & fairly manage access to activities

2: To improve reporting & streamline admin processes

Reduce time-consuming admin processes and improve reporting with:

  • An automated mandatory reporting schedule
  • Real-time KPI dashboards
  • Real-time attendee lists & calendar view
  • Automated data collection & validation
  • Automated two-way comms channels for activity promotion & feedback
  • AI-powered scheduling & resourcing for multiple locations, activity types & providers
  • A solution that integrates with other widely used platforms

3: To enable end-to-end self-service for every type of user

Save time, reduce costs & increase first-time resolution rates by enabling families/guardians to:

  • Self-serve 24/7
  • Book for multiple children at once
  • Book multiple activities at once
  • Access the service in different languages
  • Manage info with My Account functionality
  • Be assisted by in-built guidance messaging

4: To make it easy for providers to mobilise & manage activities

You'll be able to simplify activity management for providers who can log in to dedicated areas to:

  • Create, modify or cancel their activities
  • View bookings & attendance reports (24/7)

Note: unlike council staff, providers only have permission to view their activities — this provides all the benefits of consolidating bookings in a single platform while protecting non-essential data.

Learn more:

This was a super quick intro into how we're helping our community improve the delivery of the HAF Programme with a market-leading booking automation platform.

If you'd like to learn more about the product, click here.

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