Streamline Family Hubs Services With Booking Tech

Ben Jones
20 July 2023
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Updated: 31 July 2023

Improve access, save time & cut costs.

We've worked with our local government community to develop a purpose-built booking product that is proven to increase the efficiency of Family Hubs services by:

  1. Improving access to services
  2. Automating & streamlining time-consuming admin processes
  3. Reducing the cost to serve
  4. Improving reporting capabilities

With this in mind, we want to drill down on some of the operational benefits this booking system could provide your council.

So, let us explain how it works.

First up, this booking product improves access & increases first-time resolution rates by enabling eligible families to:
  • Self-serve 24/7 & access the information they need with end-to-end guidance messaging
  • Apply filters based on date, location, session type & support need
  • Book & pay for multiple tickets at once
  • Register for an account & log in to view/amend bookings, edit account information & speak to a preferred point of contact
  • Stay in the loop with automated comms for confirmations, reminders, surveys, additional support options & more
For staff, this system simplifies the day-to-day management of Family Hubs Services by:
  • Making it easy to manage bookings, ticketing & payments for multiple locations, session types & providers
  • Automating admin & data collection processes with custom booking rules, questions & limits
  • Enabling complete service control & enhanced, real-time visibility
  • Creating compliant user profiles to allow for tailored support recommendations
  • Making it easy to create & edit various session types — including free, paid, virtual, in-person, one-off & reoccurring sessions
  •  Integrating to widely used platforms like GovNotify, Capita eStart & different payment gateways
  • Improving reporting capabilities
The booking system also helps staff to manage eligibility workflows & usage limits with:
  • A simple, digitised process for creating & approving user accounts
  • An upload feature that simplifies the migration of data on pre-approved user accounts
  • Custom booking rules, questions & limits that automate approval workflows & data collection
  • Customisable CSV reports on service usage
Learn more:

This was a super quick intro into how we're helping our community improve the delivery of Family Hubs services with a purpose-built booking solution.

If you'd like to learn more about the product, click here.

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