An All-In-One Sports Pitch Booking System.
Built for Local Gov.

Increase your revenue and save time with an easy-to-use sports pitch booking system.

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Here's how our Sports Pitch Booking System 
will increase your revenue & save you time:

More money. Less stress.

This tech stack helped one Local Authority increase service revenue by 77%. Here are a few ways it can help you too:

  • Automated reminders, real-time visibility, same-day bookings, and waiting lists can help you reduce wasted capacity by up to 62%.
  • Upfront payments and automated communication flows mean you no longer have to write off bad debt or chase payments.
  • The MyAccount feature helps you build relationships by creating actionable customer profiles.
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Improve your asset utilisation 

You'll be able to increase service uptake by making it quick (and easy) to self-serve. Your customers will benefit from: 
  • A 60-second booking process
  • A 20-second amendment process, and
  • 24/7 access on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device
You'll also be able to customise your service schedules, set variable charging levels, and implement rules on cancellations, bulk bookings, and payment plans to limit idling assets. 
What's more, with the JRNI reporting suite, you'll get a better understanding of demand, service durations, cancellations, and more — giving you all the data you need to increase efficiency. 

Save time 

In 2020, this tech stack saved one CX team ~1,676 hours. Here's how it can help you too: 
With a drag-and-drop interface and a configurable, real-time calendar view — you can manage multiple services, facilities, and resources in one place. 
The best part? You can do it all in less than 40 seconds. 
You'll also be able to automate time-consuming tasks like capturing data, allocating resources, communicating with customers, and processing payments.
screenshots from the admin portal of a sports pitch booking system

Here are a few more things you'll be able to achieve 
with our all-in-one Sports Pitch Booking System:


Increased efficiency & reduced costs

You'll benefit from less wasted capacity, streamlined processes, connected workflows, and an increase in staff productivity. 
Better communication with customers

You'll be able to create  automated pre-and-post booking communication flows with custom liquid templates.  
Improved decision making  

With our advanced analytics dashboard, you'll have access to all the data you need to optimise service schedules and reduce wasted capacity.  
Enhanced accessibility & security standards

Your Sports Pitch Booking System will adhere to the latest security and accessibility standards — including ISO 20071 and WCAG 2.1 AA. 
Improved customer experience  

In 60 seconds, your customers can make a booking using their mobile, tablet, or desktop. In 20 seconds, they can cancel or amend that booking — making it quick (and easy) to self-serve.

Our Sports Pitch Booking System will integrate seamlessly with your existing payment gateways, CMS, and productivity apps to save you time and improve the admin experience.   

But it's not just a Sports Pitch Booking System.   

You can also use the platform to manage bookings for other leisure services like indoor courts, swimming pools, apparatus, 1-2-1 training, and group classes.   

We’re a G-Cloud 12 Supplier — so you can purchase with ease, speed, and confidence. 

With countless public sector projects under our belt, we’ve got the experience to help you digitally transform your revenue-based services.
The proof is in the bookings
Since 2019, we’ve facilitated over 5,000,000 bookings for ~40 local councils.

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