Case Study: Kent County Council's HWRC Booking System

Ben Jones
26 March 2024
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Updated: 26 March 2024

Learn how Kent County Council's HWRC Booking System has reduced costs, increased site efficiency, and improved recycling rates.

In this video, Hannah Allard, Insight & Development Manager at Kent County Council, shares how KCC has:

  1. Generated savings of £150,000 a year 
  2. Increased monthly recycling rates by 5%
  3. Achieved a 96% visitor satisfaction rate
  4. Improved the staff experience 
  5. Reduced its environmental impact

For more information on Kent's award-nominated HWRC Booking Service, click here to read the report compiled by the council's waste management team to assess the impact of bookings.

Learn more about our industry-leading HWRC Booking Service.

In 2023, we worked with pioneering waste teams at Kent County Council, Western Riverside Waste Authority, Hampshire County Council, East London Waste Authority, West Sussex County Council & more to facilitate over 20 million tip bookings.

To learn how they're using our HWRC Booking Service to reduce costs, increase site efficiency, and stop service misuse — click here or book a demo.

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