Introducing Our New DIY Waste Booking Module

A DIY Waste Booking Module built to help you seamlessly manage the new legislation.

We've worked with stakeholders from over 70 HWRCs to build a new DIY Waste Booking Module that is designed to help authorities: 

Here's how:  

1: By stopping service misuse.

This module includes a suite of automated rules that can:

 2: By improving comms & reducing emissions. 

With this additional functionality, you can generate automated comms & web journey prompts informing users they have hit disposal limits to stop wasted journeys & reduce carbon emission outputs. 

3: By improving reporting.

You'll get detailed reports on the frequency, amount & type of DIY waste disposed of per household. See top users by waste stream, revenues, & much more.

4: By providing dynamic visit durations.

With this module, duration options will update dynamically based on the type/volume of waste a user selects. This is to encourage users to visit less frequently but with more waste.


This module is included (as standard) in our GovBook Gold | HWRC Booking Service. 

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