Trakm8 uses proprietary technology to collect data on the way organisations travel to inform solutions in a range of sectors including fleet management, insurance and automotive telematics, and optimisation. 


This data is developed to provide insights that are utilised to:

Create fleet management solutions to develop and fine tune algorithms used to provide insights to companies to enable them to utilise their fleet’s to their full potential.

Provide insurers with propositions that score drivers in accordance to the risks in their driving behaviour, in order to calculate premiums more efficiently.

Optimise vehicles. The Optimisation business unit is one of the UK’s leading players in the utilisation of vehicles, goods, people and energy.

Supply OEM vehicle manufacturers with a range of both aftermarket products and line-fit data solutions through its Automotive division.


Manufactured in the UK, the T10 Micro has been developed to provide a self-fit platform with unique features. It is fully certified and connects via GPRS with all functions fully enclosed in one of the smallest telematics devices available in the market.

T10_Micro_3 Stack_v1.png