Easily plan, book, and manage green business travel.

Improve your route planning, compare and book different travel options, and easily manage travel requests — all in one place.

Get there faster and more sustainably.

taptravel combines your schedule, location, and travel requirements with real-time travel data to deliver multi-option travel plans that help you reduce your carbon footprint and travel more efficiently.

Manage how your organisation travels.

In 30 seconds, you can manage travel requests, private mileage claims, pool car availability, and more. The best part? You can do it all in one place, with just 3 clicks.

Make it easy to travel green.

In 60 seconds, your staff can optimise their route and request to book their preferred travel option using their mobile, tablet, or desktop. In 20 seconds, they can cancel, amend, or re-schedule their booking — making it quick (and easy) to self-serve.

Meet your emissions targets.
Reduce your carbon footprint by setting unique booking rules that encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport, including — electric vehicles, bicycles, public transport, pool cars, ride-sharing, and more.
Save time. Increase productivity.
It’s simple. You approve the travel requests, and we’ll do the rest. 

taptravel automates time-consuming tasks like making and managing bookings, reporting travel expenses, recording information, and providing booking updates — saving you time.
Track the way your organisation travels.
You can measure your performance against pre-defined travel goals with taptravel’s customised metrics dashboard. 

You'll get insights on how far each staff member is travelling, the mode of transport they’re using, travel costs, and more to help you increase the efficiency and sustainability of your fleet.

Improve the efficiency of your fleet with real-time data.

taptravel weighs up your travel requirements, real-time travel data, and sustainable alternatives to provide you with the most efficient travel plans. 

It also gives you access to real-time data on the usage of your fleet — helping you to improve vehicle allocation and reduce costs.

Accessible. Secure. Reliable.

Your booking solution will meet or surpass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA). It will also comply with ISO 27001 and have a guaranteed up-time of 99.95% or higher.
The proof is in the bookings.
We’ve made it easy for the customers and staff of over 40 organisations to make and manage more than 5,000,000 bookings since 2019.

Organisations that trust us.

You'll be in good company.
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