Everything you need to better manage your fleet

Increase the efficiency and sustainability of your fleet, reduce travel costs, and save your staff time with a flexible, easy to use pool car booking solution.
Make it easy to self-serve.
In 60 seconds, your staff can make a booking using their mobile, tablet, or desktop. In 20 seconds, they can cancel, re-schedule, or amend it.

What’s more, with in-built route planning, vehicle optimisation, keyless entry, single sign-on, calendar sync, and more — you can make pool car booking quick and easy.
A quick and easy admin experience.
Your staff can manage travel requests with just 3 clicks, and with integrations to single sign-on solutions like ADFS, AzureAD and SAML, the approval process will take no longer than 30 seconds.
Make smarter decisions with simple data.
In 30 seconds, you can pull reports that help you improve vehicle allocation, reduce travel costs, and optimise your fleet size. The best part? The data is easy to understand and requires no configuration.
Increase the efficiency and sustainability of your fleet.
You can improve the efficiency of your fleet with vehicle recommendations based on business rules, travel requirements, and real-time travel data. 

With the in-built travel planning app — you’ll be able to improve your route planning, evaluate sustainable alternatives, and easily coordinate ride-sharing.
You set the rules. The system does the rest.
You can set rules to encourage the use of electric vehicles, ride-sharing, and more. 

You can also activate approval triggers and limit vehicle access to specific personnel or departments — making it quick and easy to control your fleet.

Save time. Improve productivity.

You can automate tasks like making and managing pool car bookings, reporting travel expenses, sending booking updates, taking information, and more — saving your staff time.

Travel efficiently with advanced telematics.

With real-time data on vehicle health, location, fuel levels, driver behaviour, and more — you can reduce unplanned downtime, cut fuel costs by up to 20%, and increase fleet productivity by up to 33%.

Get a centralised view of your entire fleet.

In seconds, you can see which cars are in use, expected return times, usage purpose, vehicle notes, fuel or charge levels, and more — helping you to increase the visibility of your fleet.

Streamline your data capture and reporting process.

You can customise your booking form to capture employee information, licence details, reason for travel, project codes, and more to save your staff time.
Save time with keyless entry.

Your staff make a booking — head straight to the car park — unlock their vehicle with a smartphone or access card — hop in — and drive.

It’s that quick. It’s that easy. 

Connect your data. Operate more efficiently.

Your booking solution will integrate with your existing accounting software, calendar apps, license checking software, and more — so you can switch seamlessly between systems and get work done faster.

Accessible. Secure. Reliable.

Your booking solution will meet or surpass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA). It will also comply with ISO 27001 and have a guaranteed up-time of 99.95% or higher.

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