A Booking System Built For Household Waste & Recycling Centres. 

Since 2019, we've helped 65+ recycling centres increase site efficiency and cut costs with a  purpose-built booking system. 

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Here's how we can help you 

Increase site efficiency
With pre-defined booking slots, you can control the number of visitors on-site — helping you spread demand evenly, improve resource planning, and eliminate queues. 

What's more, with automated reminders, same-day bookings, re-released slots, and a 20-second cancellation process — you can limit wasted capacity and reduce no-shows by up to 62%.
WRWA screenshot of booking journey for HWRC
Screenshot of WRWA booking journey

Cut costs
With customisable booking rules, address lookup, data validation, blocklist functionality, and more — you can stop service misuse and reduce site usage. 

What's more, with in-depth utilisation reports, you'll be able to optimise your resource planning and reduce wasted capacity. 
You'll also be able to automate time-consuming admin tasks like manually checking in visitors, recording information, sending communications, and more.  

Improve the resident experience
In 60 seconds, your customers can book an appointment via their mobile, tablet, or desktop. 

In 20 seconds, they can cancel, amend, or re-schedule their booking — making it easier than ever to self-serve. 

Your visitors will also benefit from reduced wait times, clearer (and more frequent) communications, and a better on-site experience. 
WRWA screenshot of tip booking journey

Recent success stories 

Western Riverside Waste Authority

Following a successful 6-month trial, WRWA has saved over £200,000 and eliminated queues that at times tailed back over half a mile. What's more, 98% of residents found it "extremely easy" to make a booking, and 88% voted to retain the system.

re3 Waste Partnership

re3 operate two Household Waste Recycling Centres that see over 7,500 visitors a week. Since going live, re3 has: achieved a 98% visitor satisfaction rate, reduced site visits by 53%, increased their recycling rate by 3.5%, and minimised wasted capacity. 

Kent County Council

Since going live, Kent County Council has managed over 1 million bookings across 18 Recycling Centres. In a recent consultation report, the council say that since implementing booking tech, they've been able to: reduce queuing, increase efficiency, and deliver a better resident experience.   

Core Features 

Users can make, cancel, or amend a booking online in less than 60 seconds
Automated notifications/reminders sent via email and SMS
Address lookup to stop non-residents from using your site(s)
Ability to edit opening times, number of slots, and more (all in real-time) 
Ability to set complex booking rules (i.e. limiting the number of bookings made by each household per week)
Fully customisable booking questions and data capture (with validation)
Built-in reporting (entry-level and advanced options available)
Option to integrate with on-site ANPR to automate vehicle access
Flexible booking schedules and slot allocations to allow each site to operate individually
Blocklist function to stop banned vehicles from making a booking
Ability to book multiple vehicle types (cars, vans, hire vehicles, etc.)
Ability to manage bookings for multiple locations and waste streams in one place
Bulk cancellation module for shutting sites at short notice
Fully compliant with ISO20071, GDPR, and PCI payment standards 
Automated registration checker for validating bookings
Ability to integrate with your current enterprise systems, calendar apps, and more
Ability to integrate with payment systems for trade waste
Full white-label branding

What's next for waste management? 

On the 16th of December, we brought together waste managers from 90+ sites to discuss the future of waste disposal.

 In a series of short talks, our guest speakers share their future plans and how their organisations have used technology to modernise their waste services.
We’re a G-Cloud 12 Supplier — so you can purchase with ease, speed, and confidence. 

With countless public sector projects under our belt, we’ve got the experience to help you digitally transform your waste services.
The proof is in the bookings
Since 2019, we’ve facilitated over 4,000,000 bookings for 65+ recycling centres.

recycling centres
bookings made 

Can't see what you're looking for?  

This is just a flavour of what we can do to boost the efficiency of your recycling centre(s). 

If you'd like to roll-out a feature that you can't see above, drop us a line — chances are we've delivered something similar before. 

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