You can make your events more accessible, boost engagement, and cut costs.

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6 clicks to book. 1 click to join.
Your customers select an event — enter their details — choose their tickets — pay (optional)— confirm their booking — and that’s it: job done, booking made.

To join, they simply click the link in their confirmation email.

 It’s that quick. It’s that easy.
Make things easy for your staff.
With just a few clicks, your staff can create, manage, host, and analyse all of your virtual events in one place.
Make things easy for your customers.
Your customers can book tickets to your event with 6 clicks. They can attend with just 1. In 20 seconds, they can cancel, reschedule or amend their booking. It's that simple.
A flexible booking system that keeps you efficient.
In 90 seconds, you can edit every aspect of your event, create event rules, alter your booking questions, add or remove stages of your booking journey, and more — helping you to stay flexible.

Create an event in 4 minutes.

You can create an event in 4 minutes or less. With the event builder tool, you’ll have complete control over your event, be able to configure your booking questions, set event rules, customise your communications, and more — all with just a few clicks.

Make your events more accessible.

Participants can book (and join) your events from anywhere, on any device. They don’t need to waste time travelling, and they can attend your events live or watch them back on demand — making it easier to connect with more customers.

Improve your events with simple data.

With a real-time metrics dashboard and customised post-event reports — you can monitor KPI’s like attendance rates, user activity, registrations, and more to improve the delivery of your events.

Save time. Improve efficiency.
Increase your productivity by automating time-consuming tasks like making bookings, sending communications, logging customer information, and more.

Save money. Increase convenience.

You can eliminate the cost of venue hire, staffing, signage, and more — all while making it more convenient for your participants to attend your event.
Improve participant engagement.
With live Q&A’s, in-event promotions, and breakout rooms delivered through popular integrations like Slido, Kahoot, and Zoom — you’ll be able to keep your audiences engaged and improve the participant experience.
Deliver a consistent user experience.
Your booking journey will incorporate all of your brand elements, use your custom domain, and allow you to send personalised communications so that you can deliver the experience that your customers expect.

You’ll have multiple presentation options.

You can easily set up and host multi-lingual live, semi-live or pre-recorded sessions. You can also integrate Zoom webinars, YouTube videos, and more to provide your participants with varied content.

Deliver valuable content on time.

You can add useful documents, product features, infographics, presentations, and pre-recorded videos for your participants to view live or access post-event.

Create custom landing pages.

You can create branded landing pages to inform participants about the event agenda, your organisation, sponsors, speakers, and more. You'll be able to host them on a microsite with a custom URL or embed them within your existing website.

Connect your workflows.

You'll have control over a tech stack that uses RESTful APIs. So, your booking solution will connect seamlessly with your existing payment gateways, video platforms, enterprise apps, marketing tools, and more — helping you to work more efficiently.

Accessible. Secure. Reliable.

Your booking solution will meet or surpass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA). It will also comply with ISO 27001 and have a guaranteed up-time of 99.95% or higher.

We’re only a message away.

You’ll get an unmatched level of support from our dedicated team of techies. 

We’re a friendly bunch, and we care about you. So if you need to resolve an issue — all you’ve got to do is ask. We’ll get it done quickly, without disrupting your operation.
The proof is in the bookings.
We’ve made it easy for the customers and staff of over 40 organisations to make and manage more than 5,000,000 bookings since 2019.

Organisations that trust us.

You'll be in good company.
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