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Meet the expectations of 
modern citizens

Improve access, increase engagement & reduce the cost to serve with a citizen engagement platform built for the public sector.

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You can do more 
with less

Increase digital adoption & reduce the cost to serve with a council-wide booking platform 

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Improve the citizen experience.

From discovery & engagement to transaction & analysis — you can deliver brilliant experiences at every stage of the citizen journey.

Empower citizens to access, book & use services how, when & where they feel comfortable by integrating your in-person, virtual & over-the-phone channels.

Keep your citizens in the loop with personalised communications & collect feedback with customisable surveys.

Make it easy for your citizens to book & use services with a 60-second booking process & multi-channel service delivery.

Track usage, monitor outcomes & continually improve the citizen experience with visualised reporting dashboards & configurable reports.

Online Booking System User Interface Screen 1
Online Booking System Customisable User Interface
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Staff Interface For Online Booking System
Online Booking System Customisable User Interface
Online Booking System Staff Interface Screen 1

Improve the staff experience

Manage interactions at every stage of the citizen journey with just a few clicks.

Easily manage availability across multiple channels, services & locations. Simply set your booking rules, add in your service schedules & let the system take care of approvals, scheduling, payments & comms.

Automate processes by setting up comms flows for trigger events like confirmations, cancellations, reminders & updates.

Integrate with your existing digital experience platforms, payment gateways & enterprise apps to remove silos, save time & deliver a seamless staff experience.

Easily collect & analyse operational data to make informed changes to your service(s).

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Standardise your systems

Manage all of your appointments, events, queues & comms in one citizen engagement platform.


Easily make & manage bookings for different services, channels & locations.


Manage every aspect of your in-person & virtual events.


Reduce waiting times with virtual queuing.

Data & Comms

Collect & analyse data to reduce wasted capacity & improve the citizen experience.


Connect your citizen engagement platform with payment gateways, digital experience platforms, chatbots, enterprise apps & more to improve the citizen experience & save staff time.

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Learn more about how we've helped public sector organisations (like yours) improve user experience, save time & cut costs. 
Coventry City Council 
services across the council 
Coventry City Council use our citizen engagement platform to manage 25 services.


Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions. 

Citizen engagement revolves around how citizens interact with government services.

For the most part, this 'interaction' can be broken down into three areas:

• Accessing services

• Providing feedback &

• Getting (relevant) updates

Since modern citizens now expect to be able to interact with government services at any time, automation & online channels are vital for improving citizen engagement.

An online citizen engagement platform enables you to manage interactions at every stage of the citizen journey to improve access to services, communicate better & build stronger relationships with your citizens.

•  Your citizens can self-serve 24/7 & access services via their preferred channel.

•  Your staff can easily manage complex scheduling & resourcing requirements.

•  Citizens benefit from more frequent communications that are relevant & personalised.

•  By automating time-consuming admin processes, you'll save your staff time.

•  Your citizens can provide feedback & help to co-create services.

•  Your staff will have access to all the data they need to minimise wasted capacity & reduce the cost to serve.
•  You'll be able to create & manage cost-effective, two-way communication channels.

•  You'll be able to improve how you communicate with citizens by setting up an automated sequence of personalised communications.

•  You'll be able to incorporate citizen feedback into your online services.
The citizen engagement platform has three main components:

The user journey: a clean & simple process that enables users to book an appointment or event. You’ll be able to customise this journey to add additional steps, questions & rules.

The admin portal: here, you can manage bookings for multiple channels, services & locations. You can also edit resources & availability, create new locations & services, run custom reports & generate automated notifications.

The integration layer: this allows you to integrate bookings with your existing digital experience platform, enterprise apps, payment gateway, content management system & more.
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