Make and manage bookings with just a few clicks.

6 Clicks. 60 seconds. Booking made. It’s that simple.

Make it easy to self-serve. 

In 60 seconds, your customers can book an appointment using their mobile, tablet, or desktop. They can book directly through your website, at a time that suits them. In 20 seconds, they can cancel, amend, or re-schedule that appointment — making it quick (and easy) to self-serve.

Complex scheduling simplified. 

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and a configurable, real-time calendar view, you can easily manage multiple appointment types, locations, staff members, services, resources — and more. The best part? You can do it all in one place, in 30 seconds.

Save time. Increase efficiency.

Increase your productivity by automating time-consuming tasks like making bookings, sending communications, logging customer information, and more.

A flexible system that keeps you efficient.
In under 30 seconds, you can edit your booking journey by revising appointment structures, altering booking questions, and adding or removing: locations, services, and resources.
Simple data. Smarter decisions.
Improve your efficiency with customised reports that help you track appointment durations, wait times, cancelled bookings, staff utilisation, and more.

The best part? The data is easy to understand and requires no configuration.
You can start taking bookings quickly, without any hassle.
Your booking solution will be easy to use, delivered quickly, and designed to fit seamlessly into your existing operation.
Connect your workflows and increase efficiency.
You'll have control over a tech stack that uses RESTful APIs. So your booking solution will connect seamlessly with your existing payment gateways, video platforms, enterprise apps, marketing tools, and more — helping you work more efficiently.

Everything you need. In one place.

You’ll have everything you need to make, manage, and host appointments in one place. 

You’ll be able to switch seamlessly between online and offline channels to improve the customer experience, make your service more accessible, and better utilise your in-person capacity.

Accessible. Secure. Reliable.

Your booking solution will meet or surpass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA). It will also comply with ISO 27001 and have a guaranteed up-time of 99.95% or higher.
The proof is in the bookings.
We’ve made it easy for the customers and staff of over 40 organisations to make and manage more than 5,000,000 bookings since 2019.

Customer success stories

Kent County Council

Kent County Council have managed over 1 million booking across 18 Household Waste Recycling Centres. They’ve also: reduced traffic build-up in the local area, increased operational efficiency, improved the resident experience, and reduced staff workloads.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Barnsley Council manages over 1000 bookings each month across 7 different services. After implementing a scalable booking system, they’ve been able to save their staff time, increase efficiency, and make their services more accessible.


re3 operate two Household Waste Recycling Centres that welcome over 7,500 visitors each week. Since going live, re3 have: improved the visitor experience, reduced queuing, increased their recycling rate, and reduced staff workloads.

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