How WBC Reduced Family Hubs Service Costs By £15,000 Per Year.

Ben Jones
11 September 2023
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Updated: 12 September 2023

How WBC has improved access, saved time & reduced costs.

With the Family Hubs & Start for Life Programme now in full swing, we want to make the community aware of a booking service that has helped West Berkshire Council:

  • Save £15,000 a year from channel shift alone
  • Digitise over 90% of bookings for Family Hubs services
  • Streamline approval processes & verify 9,000 users as eligible to use the service
  • Easily manage over 5,000 Family Hubs user accounts
  • Automate admin & reporting processes &
  • Improve access to services by creating over 1,000 bookable sessions

Due to West Berkshire's resounding success, we want to share how they've achieved this & highlight how this system could also help your council.

So, here are 4 ways WBC use our Family Hubs Booking Service to deliver a better experience for families & save staff time:

1: To simplify access to different session types

WBC can easily manage eligibility workflows & usage limits with:

• A simple, digitised process for creating & approving user accounts

• An upload feature that simplifies the migration of data on pre-approved user accounts

• Custom booking rules, questions & limits that automate approval workflows & data collection

• Customisable CSV reports on service usage

2: To improve reporting & streamline admin processes

WBC has reduced time-consuming admin processes & improved reporting with:

• Automated processes for booking, payments & ticketing

• Real-time KPI dashboards & calendar views

• AI-optimised scheduling for multiple locations, session types & providers

• Automated two-way comms channels

• The ability to create & edit various session types — including free, paid, virtual, in-person, one-off & reoccurring sessions

• Integrations to widely used platforms like GovNotify, Capita eStart & various payment gateways

3: To enable self-service & increase first-time resolutions

WBC has saved time, reduced costs & improved the user experience by enabling eligible families to:

• Self-serve 24/7 & access the information they need with end-to-end guidance messaging

• Book & pay for multiple tickets at once

• Apply filters based on date, location, session type & support need

• Register for an account & log in to view/amend bookings, edit account information & speak to a preferred contact

• Access the service in different languages

• Stay in the loop with automated comms for confirmations, reminders, surveys, additional support options & more

4: To simplify end-to-end service management

WBC has also been able to deliver a brilliant end-to-end service with an all-in-one platform that allows staff to:

1: Manage bookings, ticketing & payments for multiple locations, session types & providers

2: Create & edit various service, resource & activity types

3: Fairly & efficiently control access with usage trackers & booking limits

4: Create compliant user profiles to allow for tailored support recommendations

5: Improve & automate how staff communicate with families

6: Collect data to improve service delivery & reduce the cost to serve

Learn more:

This was a super quick intro into how we're helping our community improve the delivery of Family Hubs Services with a purpose-built booking solution.

If you'd like to see the product in action, click here.

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