How much could your authority gain from the new DIY Waste Legislation?

Ben Jones
15 January 2024
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Updated: 23 January 2024

The impact of the new DIY Waste Legislation

Research suggests that, for some councils, the new DIY Waste Legislation could cause costs to rise by between £500k and £2 million per year.

This, plus a host of other financial pressures, has led to talk of potential site closures & higher taxes.

To tackle this problem head-on, we've worked with stakeholders from over 70 HWRCs to develop an industry-leading module that will help you establish a new revenue stream & reduce operational costs.

Here's how:

1: By giving site staff the tools they need to manage usage limits & charge for excess usage.

To ensure fair usage & accurate charges, site staff will have access to a real-time check-in app that flags DIY waste visits, highlights usage limits, and enables an instant reconciliation of the waste brought to site. 

2: By stopping service misuse & therefore reducing tonnage.

Whether you intend to classify free usage as 4 visits, 2 x 50L rubble bags, 4 x 25L rubble bags, or less than 100L per visit — the module will help you roll out, monitor, and enforce those limits so that you can stop excessive use & fairly administer charges. 

3: By storing the data you need to accurately charge for excess waste. 

You'll get detailed reports on the frequency, amount & type of waste disposed of per household. This allows you to see who's exceeded the limits, how many times they've done so, how much they've exceeded the limits, the revenue generated & much more. 

 More about the DIY Waste Booking Module. 

To learn more about how the module will help you generate revenue & reduce costs, click here.

Alternatively, to learn more about industry-leading HWRC Booking Service, click here.

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