How efficient was your Christmas HAF provision?

Ben Jones
3 January 2024
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Updated: 23 January 2024

Increase the efficiency of your HAF provision.

Are you tired of time-consuming admin, complicated eligibility workflows & constant back-and-forth between stakeholders?

Well, if you are ...

Good news — we're here to let you know that there's a more efficient way to manage your HAF Programme.

We've worked with pioneering organisations like West Sussex County Council and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to co-create a market-leading HAF Booking Service that:

  • Automates & streamlines admin processes 
  • Provides a GDS-approved process for checking eligibility 
  • Delivers an improved experience for families, staff & providers  
  • Automates the mandatory reporting schedule & more

With this in mind, we want to share how this platform could benefit your council too.

So, here are 4 ways you could use this platform to simplify the day-to-day management of your HAF Programme:

1: To simplify & fairly manage access to activities

You'll be able to manage eligibility workflows, credit allocations & booking limits with:

  • A simple, GDS-approved process for checking eligibility & approving users/accounts
  • An upload feature that simplifies the migration of data on pre-approved accounts & users
  • Booking rules & digitised credit allocations/re-allocations that automate & fairly manage access to activities

2: To improve reporting & streamline admin processes

Reduce time-consuming admin processes and improve reporting with:

  • An automated mandatory reporting schedule
  • Real-time KPI dashboards
  • Real-time attendee lists & calendar view
  • Automated data collection & validation
  • Automated two-way comms channels
  • AI-powered scheduling & resourcing for multiple locations, activity types & providers
  • A solution that integrates to other widely used platforms

3: To enable end-to-end self-service for every type of user

Save time, reduce costs & increase first-time resolution rates by enabling families/guardians to:

  • Self-serve 24/7
  • Book for multiple children at once
  • Book multiple activities at once
  • Access the service in different languages
  • Manage info with My Account functionality
  • Be assisted by in-built guidance messaging

4: To make it easy for providers to manage activities

You'll be able to simplify activity management for providers who can log in to dedicated areas to:

  • Create, modify or cancel their activities
  • View bookings & attendance reports (24/7)

Note: unlike council staff, providers only have permission to view their activities — this provides all the benefits of consolidating bookings in a single platform while protecting non-essential data.

Learn more:

This was a super quick intro into how we're helping our community improve the delivery of the HAF Programme with a market-leading booking automation platform.

If you'd like to learn more about the product, click here.

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