BookingLab launches with the goal of revolutionising digital booking services

Birmingham, UK - 19th June 2019

BookingLab, a new software solutions provider, has launched with the goal of delivering tailored customer journeys for bookings, transport, and geospatial development. 

Using strategic partner technology from JRNI Ltd., formerly BookingBug, the leading customer engagement platform for omnichannel conversion, BookingLab provides personalised solutions to help organisations within the public sector build better customer relationships. BookingLab seeks to play a key role in designing accessible and convenient booking services for customers and has numerous mobility solutions to encourage low-cost, sustainable transport, including a shared mobility offering for event-based ride sharing. 

Chad Duggan, Founder and Managing Director of BookingLab, is a seasoned professional in the development and deployment of software solutions. Over the past five years, he has guided digital transformation projects across multiple sectors with a particular focus on the public sector. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of BookingLab at a time when transformational change is thriving. As consumers, we expect ease, choice, and speed from our services. With the support from JRNI, we’re in a great position to deliver on our business goals.

Chad Duggan, Founder and Managing Director of BookingLab

The underlying technology BookingLab uses is powered by JRNI, which is designed to facilitate powerful human-to-human experiences that increase conversion and revenue, customer loyalty, and lifetime value. 

It’s been extremely rewarding working with the entire BookingLab team. BookingLab has a strong reputation in the public sector and helps us maximise penetration there. We’re looking forward to continuing to provide BookingLab with an incredible customer journey that will help them further expand their innovative services. We congratulate them on their success and can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish in their next phase of growth.

John Federman, JRNI’s CEO

For more information about BookingLab, please visit or contact via 0333 444 0203 or

BookingLab services now available through the Digital Marketplace.

BookingLab has been added to the catalogue of government approved suppliers under the GCloud 11 framework.

Under the G-Cloud Framework BookingLab are able to provide under three “lots”; Cloud hosting, software and support. These services are available to departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector via the Digital Marketplace.

The G-Cloud framework allows government organisations to be confident that not only are they getting quality solutions, but value for money, when working with external suppliers.

Each contract set up through the framework is fully OJEU compliant.

Our offering

Under G-Cloud, we’re able to provide:

JRNI Booking Service formerly BookingBug

BookingLab deliver a cloud based appointments, queuing, events and course booking solution for public sector use. Built on JRNI, our enterprise platform provides organisational wide booking capability to rationalise existing systems and remove or minimise manual processes. JRNI enables self-service and automation, simplifying complicated and high-volume booking and scheduling requirements.

TuGO Ride Share

BookingLab combine a number of key technologies to deliver Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to support a range of transportation schemes. This service provides a personalised ride sharing service to deliver joined up travel. Driven by an event or specific community, our smart ride sharing connects people with common goals and interests.

TuCO Fleet Share (Powered by JRNI)

BookingLab combine a number of smart technologies to deliver Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to support a range of transportation schemes. TuCO Fleet Share provides an integrated solution to manage vehicle availability, vehicle tracking, user licensing and bookings. We tailor journeys to drive behavioural change, resulting in increased utilisation and sustainable travel.

TuME On-Demand Travel (Powered by JRNI)

BookingLab combine a number of smart technologies to deliver Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to support a range of transportation schemes. TuME On-Demand Travel uses complex routing and trusted booking technology to deliver swift transport solutions. Our cloud based infrastructure offers transport availability and dynamic travel costs based on real-time demand.